Día Mundial de la Tapa

15 Jun



Alfonso X


As for the origins of the “Tapas” of this deeply rooted gastronomic tradition some authors say that tapas were born because of an illness of King Alphonso XThe Wise “who was forced to take small snacks between meals with small sips of wine.

It is said once he had recovered, he ordered to the castle innkeepers who did not make wine, unless they put a slice of bread on top of it

Tapa y copa jpg


However, the version which outlined as near to the reality points out. The tapa arose with the necessity of workers to eat a little food during their day’s work which gave them the strength to work time, we also call “almuerzo” (midday meal) which is a meal between breakfast and lunch. This snack was generally accompanied with a glass of wine to heat the body and cheer up the spirit which consumes it.


Other versions placed the origin in the reign of Alphonso X who on a journey that began in Jaén stopped at the inn for a drink and ask for a glass of wine, he ordered a drink from the innkeeper, he served a glass of wine covered with a slice of ham in order to avoid falling something inside it such as fly and other insects.


The recipes of these dishes differ depending on the taste or the gastronomic and tradition of different regions of Spain which prepare these delicious dishes. In Murcia it is common to have a tapa with a cold glass of beer. Depending on the elaboration you can find simple tapas called aperitif such as fried potatoes, almonds fried, stuff anchovy olives, crushed olives, a wide variety of flavour of olives. Apart from that there are more elaborate kinds of tapas that can be a simple Russian salad with anchovies on the top of it and put in a ring-shaped pastry called “Marinera” it does mean more or less “Sailor”. Another delicious and flavour as tapas are for us octopus, squid ring fried in batter (Roman Style),


All king of tapas

All kinds of sausages, prawns, salted tuna, roe, salted fish, clams with garlic, parsley and pepper.  Zarangollo is a fried made with courgette /zucchini, onion, potato and egg with olive oil and salt. Pisto another vegetable fried made with eggplant, green and red peppers, onions, potatoes and natural tomato sauce.

Me make a friendly tapas tour in Cartagena.




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